*RISE & SHINE* Floral Tea Pyramid Aids Beauty/养生茶

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🌞Rise & Shine

Created with American ginseng and black wolfberry, this earthy brew promotes brain health and helps clear brain fog or lethargy, allowing you to get more creative and productive. Subtly sweetened with red date and osmanthus, it makes for an energizing drink to start your morning or help you rejuvenate after a late night

✅Benefits: relieves fatigue, helps focus, maintains healthy vision, promotes Qi and blood circulation

🌺Ingredients: American Ginseng花旗参, Black wolfberry黑枸杞, wolfberry枸杞, red date红枣, osmanthus桂花

10 pyramid per box

Directions: Infuse pyramid in approximately 250 ml of boiling water. Serve after steeping 8-10mins

❌NO sugar, caffeine, flavoring, preservatives, sulfur

Storage: Best store in refrigerator for freshness

Made in Singapore

HACCP/GMP/ Halal certified production.

Curated by Singapore certified TCM physician

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