Essence of Cordyceps Collagen Joint Essence 冬虫草胶原蛋白健骨宝


Promotes healthy bones, joints and ligaments.

Restores Joint collagen and cartilages, particularly for wear, tear and stressed joints.

Works for knee pain, stiff shoulder, back or joint ache. Also suitable for childbirth or aged joint recovery.

Invigorates and improves overall comfort and health.

Effective and immediate absorption by the body.

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Specially formulated using herbal blend, Evening Primrose oil and Essential nutrients for healthy bones, joint and knee flexibility. With Evening Primrose oil, it also helps in cartilage, especially joint tissues where studies show significant improvements in joint stiffness and discomforts.

No sugar and alcohol added. Suitable for vegetarians.

具有辅助骨骼健康,关节灵活之功效。适用于腰酸背痛,肩痹膝盖关节痛, 长期受压 ,磨损老化的关节,也适用于产后, 增强精力和活力,消除疲劳。

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1 or 2 times daily. 25ml each time.


Cordyceps, Ganoderma, Cortex Eucommiae, Fructus Psoraleae, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Evening Primrose Oil, Glucomsamine HCl, Vitamin B1,B2, D