*CHILL OUT* Floral Tea Pyramid Aids Beauty/养生茶

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TCM guided floral blends for the modern lifestyle

😇Chill Out

Chamomile, lavender and lemon balm, all well known for their calming benefits, this relaxing floral tea helps to calm the mind, melt away the stresses of your day and provide you with restful sleep. A tinge of red date and longan helps to sweeten it naturally, making each sip feel like true bliss.

✅Benefits: promotes relaxation and calmness, improves sleep quality, supports balanced moods, helps with fatigue and tiredness

🌺Ingredients: Lavender薰衣草, chamomile洋甘菊, lemon balm香蜂草, longan龙眼, red date红枣

10 pyramid per box

Directions: Infuse pyramid in approximately 250 ml of boiling water. Serve after steeping 8-10mins.

❌NO sugar, caffeine, flavoring, preservatives, sulfur

Storage: Best store in refrigerator for freshness

Made in Singapore

HACCP/GMP/ Halal certified production.

Curated by Singapore certified TCM physician

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