Children Tonic Soup 益智增高

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Children Tonic Soup 益智增高

🌿Herbal Ingredients: (CONTAINS TRACES OF NUTS) Peanut Root 花生根, Crown Prince Ginseng 太子参, Lotus Seed 莲子, Lily Bulb 百合, Chinese Yam 山药 etc

**Suitable for 1 year old & above**

**Suitable for vegetarians**

Each pack serves Daddy + Mummy + 2 children.

Are your children having a short attention span during study?

Facing challenging examinations?

Poor appetite or easily bloated?

Getting sick easily?

Need a little nourishment to support healthy growth and development?

At Fook Sang Tong, we made holistic healing fun and easy. Our soups are curated by our in-house TCM physicians and herbalists. The recipes are especially tailored for Singapore children and families. Healthy and yummy for boys & girls. The herbs are ensured of the highest quality.

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