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  1. Lavender Roll-on Essential oil- 1 bottle

Made in Singapore. 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

Suitability: Relieves Stress, Calms Anxiety, Motion Sickness, Headache & Giddiness, Blemishes & Sports, Helps sleep better

Contains lavender flowers

2. Floral Tea Pyramid Aids Beauty/Weight Loss/Sleep/Stress/Digestive/养生- 2 bags

Infused with rose buds and snow chrysanthemum this fresh, fruity and floral tea helps promotes a healthy complexion. A luxurious hint of osmanthus and red date creates an air of happiness around you and improves your mood. A delightful addition to your ‘me time’ routine.

✅Benefits: enhances skin health, supports healthy mood, promotes Qi and blood circulation

🌺Ingredients: Snow Chrysanthemum 天山雪菊,Rose 玫瑰花,Osmanthus桂花,Red Date红枣

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