Understanding the consumer sentiment and staying at the forefront of changing consumer trends is of utmost importance to us. Constant research and development is required to stay on top of consumers’ needs and wants. We have nutritionists, herbalists and product scientists to develop products steeped in tradition, and backed by modern science, and are providing manufacturing and distribution services for private labels.

Our premise is awarded with HACCP and GMP Certification. Stringent pharmaceutical process and hygienic control are adhered at every stage of production. You can trust us with your requirements as we are committed to deliver the best.


We understand customers may require more in-depth and personalized diagnosis. We have our team of certified physicians you may like to consult with. Our services include TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Pain Management, Cupping, Tui Na and Acupuncture; Men, Women and Child related health issues.

Fook Sang Tong Wong Kee Chinese Sinseh. Registered TCM Physicians & Acupuncturists: Dr WK Wong (Mr), Dr Ang Bee Yean (Ms), Dr Clara Wong (Ms). Clinical Location: Blk 17, Bedok South Road, #01-587, Singapore 460017. Watsapp for appointment (Tel: 88916737) is highly recommended.


We have a wide collection of everyday herbs and premium herbs like Bird Nests, Cordyceps, Notoginseng, Ginseng etc, in our dispensary. Due to our high demand of herbs used in our products manufacturing, we are able to obtain top quality herbs at bulk factory price, and which mean a greater saving for our customers. Our herbs are specially authenticated by our qualified herbalists, whom will ensure only the best reaches you.

For customers whom may like to brew their own soups, we also have varieties of prepacked herbs, each with its unique benefits. Kindly browse through our online store for the varieties.


We personalized and we packed fresh for you. Just inform us 2-3 months before the expected due-date and we will have the right mix of soups, herbs and tonics to breeze through your confinement and get you back to tip health. Do send us a message in our contact form for your needs and we will advise you accordingly.


We strongly believe in using all natural ingredients for the greatest benefits for our customers. We have a wide range of herbal health supplements, which comes mainly in the form of Capsules, Teabags, Granules, Powder and Herbal Mixture, for our customers to choose from.

Being one of the leading distributors of natural products in Singapore, we have built up a reputation for providing affordable and reliable products, in our growing customer base of good feedback. Till date, we have more than hundreds products ranging from baby food, to herbal supplements and TCM. Our products can be found in leading supermarket and medicinal stores; also widely used by reputable clinics and physicians.

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