Fook Sang Tong


Incorporated 1984, the logo represents our trade in the manufacture and wholesale of natural products. Depicts by plants, leaves and soil joining together, it represents the nature of our trade with our founder philosophy of a united relationships with our customers, retailers and our business partners.

Natural Bone Joint Essence

With this range of products under our corporate brand “Fook Sang Tong 富生堂”, these products are specially endorsed by us with a security gold seal. This ensures products have been carefully inspected from us (the manufacturer) to our authorized dealer. Please ensure the existence of the sticker in the packaging upon purchase.

All our products are 100% Made in Singapore. Authorized Distributor: Tevda Chinese Medicine Shop


富生堂一系列产品都粘贴了我们独有的金色公司认可证。这确保产品严格检测,并合格发售至我们受权的经销商。购买时请确保包装上的金色标签。受权经销商: 益桂堂中成药行 

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